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Installing XMesh Saver on a Workstation

  • Double-click the installer file, XMeshSaverMX_*.msi


  • Click Next to start the installation.


  • Read the EULA. If you accept the license, check I accept the terms in the License Agreement and press Next to continue.

  • Review the settings and press Next when you are ready to continue.


  • Press Install when ready.
  • Wait for the installation to copy all files.


  • When prompted, browse to the 3ds Max install to which you with to add XMesh Saver.
    NOTE: To add XMesh Saver to additional versions of 3ds Max, run Start Menu > All Programs > Thinkbox > XMesh Saver MX 1.0 > Add XMesh Saver to 3ds Max after the installation has finished.


  • Press Finish to complete the installation.