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XMesh Production Showcase

The following page showcases XMesh as used by our valued customers in real-world production.

Visual Effects

The Avengers (2012) - Hydraulx

As reported in our Thinkblog, Hydraulx used XMesh MX and an early Beta of XMesh MY to move geometry data between Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max. The original Maya geometry was exported to 3ds Max via XMesh to be demolished by the power of Cebas' Thinking Particles, and then the resulting dynamics simulation was brought back to Maya using XMesh for final rendering.

The following video courtesy of Hydraulx and Cebas gives a little glimpse in the process.


"The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" (2012) - Blur Studios

Blur used XMeshand Frost in the creation of the highly-acclaimed opening title sequence for “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”  A custom build of XMesh was also used to transfer geometry data from Softimage to 3ds Max.

Please see this article for more details.


Final Destination 5 (2011) - Prime Focus VFX

XMesh MX was used for nearly all geometry on the bridge. Various other Thinkbox tools like Krakatoa MX and Frost MX were also employed throughout the sequence.


Superman Returns (2006) - Frantic Films VFX

XMesh was originally developed to speed up the handling of highly fractured geometry objects in the "Return To Krypton" sequence which was later cut from Superman Returns. In particular, each of the growing crystrals involved the animation of thousands of individual chunks which were otherwise very difficult to handle in 3ds Max 8.



Magnum Temptations (2012) - Spatial Harmonics Group

XMesh was used to cache all geometry and perform retiming.

MAGNUM TEMPTATION from Onur Senturk on Vimeo.


Personal Projects, Tests and Demos

Stoke Driven By Fume (2013) - Michael Stark

This project used not only XMesh MX, but also Stoke MX and Frost MX, plus the Krakatoa MX 2 PRT Loader and Krakatoa PRT Birth operator in Particle Flow... The whole enchilada!

Stoke driven by Fume from Michael Stark on Vimeo.