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XMesh MY Change Log

As of 2017/01/30

XMesh MY v1.4.4

Released 2017/01/30.

What's New

XMesh Saver

  • Added Help menu to XMesh Saver dialog.

XMesh Loader

  • Added Help panel to XMesh Loader.
  • Added support for Maya's dirmap command.


XMesh MY v1.4.3

Released 2016/08/02.

What's New

  • New license version. Please contact our sales department for a new XMesh 1.4 license file.
  • Added support for Maya 2017.
  • Removed support for Maya 2012.
  • Added support for loading and saving crease information in XMesh files.
    • Saving crease information is controlled using the "Creases" checkbox in the XMesh Saver dialog's "Channels to Save" panel.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed behavior of XMesh Loader's Loading Modes:
    • "Velocity Offset" and "Velocity Offset, Subframes" were swapped.
    • "Frame Interpolation, Subframes" was not using subframes.
  • Fixed saving erroneous Edge Smoothing in some cases.
  • Fixed so that errors during Deadline detection will no longer prevent the XMesh Saver dialog from opening.
  • Fixed so that opening the "Select Limits" and "Select Machine List" dialogs will no longer lock up the UI when using Deadline 8 on Windows.


XMesh MY v1.3.3

Released 2015/05/13.

What's New

  • Added support for Maya 2016.
  • Removed support for Maya 2011.


Motion Blur and Velocity Changes

  • Changed to support motion blur in V-Ray while using default settings.
    • Now copies Velocity to a Motion Vector Color Set named "velocityPV".
    • The XMesh Loader script now sets the XMesh Loader shape's Motion Vector Color Set to "velocityPV".


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed '"$gMainProgressBar" is an undeclared variable' error when using XMesh Saver from within mayapy.
  • Fixed "bad read pointer" error that could appear after license configuration on Linux and Mac OS X.


XMesh MY v1.3.0

Released 2014/05/27.

What's New

  • New license version. Please contact our sales department for a new XMesh 1.3 license file.
  • Added support for Maya 2015.
  • Added support for Viewport 2.0 in Maya 2013-2015.
  • Scripting change: saveXMesh and saveXMeshSequence commands can now export a selected shape node. Previously the commands required a selected transform node instead.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error when opening XMesh Saver dialog due to error in XMeshDeadlineUtils.isInstalled() on some systems.
  • Changed to re-use shading group when a matIDmap file uses the same material name more than once.


XMesh MY v1.2.1

  • This is the first public release of XMesh MY