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XMesh Saver MX Floating License

Server Configuration

Please see the instructions on this page.

Workstation Configuration

When you attempt to save a mesh using the XMesh Saver, you may see a XMesh Saver License dialog box.  To specify your license server:

  1. Choose the License Server radio button.
  2. Enter the Hostname or IP address of the license server.
    • If you need to use a specific port because you are behind a firewall, check the "Server is using a specific port (for firewalls)" option and enter the Port (consult your Network Administrator).
  3. Press the OK button.
  • If a valid license was found, the XMesh Saver will run in licensed mode.
  • If no valid license was found, an error dialog will appear and the XMesh Saver will not be able to save meshes. You can configure a license later by pressing the Configure License... button in the Advanced Settings rollout.

Registry Keys

Once defined, the name of the license file or server will be stored in the Windows registry. For render nodes, you will need to set these keys so that the render software can properly check out a license.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, the name will be stored under the value THINKBOX_LICENSE_FILE in the key:


If the XMesh Saver cannot find a license using that key, then it will also attempt to read from the following:


Windows XP and Earlier

In Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows the name will be stored under the value THINKBOX_LICENSE_FILE in the key: