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How to Save a Mesh


You must install the XMesh Saver, add XMesh Saver to the user interface, and install the XMesh Loader before you can follow these instructions.

  1. Create a Geosphere to save. Enable Auto Key, go to frame 100 and move the Geosphere 200 units along X. Disable Auto Key.
  2. Make sure the Geosphere is selected.
  3. Open XMesh Saver using the toolbar icon or menu item you created earlier during the installation.
  4. Change the Source Type drop-down box to "Selected Geometry".

    Note: if you want to change the list of objects while the XMesh Saver dialog is open:
    1. Select one or more objects in the viewport
    2. Click the "RELOAD" button
  5. We want to save in the base folder C:\home. Click "..." next to Base, and pick the C:\home folder.
  6. We will use the default settings for the Project folder, Version folder, and File fields.
    • To reset to the defaults, click the button to the left of each field. For example, to reset to the default Project folder, click the "Proj" button and click "Set to Default [$scene\$user]".

  7. Click "SAVE 1 MESH ..." button, near the bottom of the dialog.

    Note: the "SAVE ..." button will be disabled unless the following requirements are met:
    • The Base directory you specify must already exist
    • The file extension must be .xmesh or .obj
    • At least one geometry object must be specified for saving

If you have not configured the XMesh Saver license, you will be asked to do so now.

The meshes are now saved to the sequence: "C:\home\Untitled\YourUserName\v0001\XMesh_MultiWS1_0000.xmesh"

After the save completes, a few things happen automatically:

  1. An XMesh Loader is created, and it loads the sequence you just saved.
    • You can change this by unchecking ">Create XMesh Loaders" in the Save Options rollout.
  2. The XMesh Loader has a material applied to match the GeoSphere.
    • You can disable material handling by unchecking ">Save Material Library" in the Save Options rollout.
    • You can change the kind of material created for objects that have no material (like our Geosphere) by choosing a new option under "When an object has no material," in the Advanced Settings rollout.
  3. The saved GeoSphere is hidden.
    • You can change this by choosing a different option under "When an XMesh Loader is created from saved Source Objects," in the Advanced Settings rollout.